Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life is Beautiful 275.

Murthy and Prasanna  wished Ram.They entered in to the hall.Prasanna  told Ram
Sir,you have disappointed of not going to Tanu Weds Manu.
Ram.Not at all.We do n't know the picture has already left.This  Picture selection also good.
Murthy.Yes RAm.All the actors are acted nicely in this picture.I read the review earlier.
Ram.I too read.Dharmendra  is also in this picture.Nice Direction by Sri RAm Raghavan and lovely Cinematography by Muraleedharan.All i read in the review.
By the time Prasanna brought the tickets and they entered in to the Picture house.
After finishing  the movie they reached a new restaurant Govinda famous for  North indian dishes.
Prasanna.Just for a change i brought you here Ram sir.
Ram.Thank you.LOng time back i had my lunch here.Good hotel.Your selection is always good.
Murthy.Well said Ram.Including his life partner.
They had South Indian Dinner and left the place to drop Ram.
Ram reached his Flat,
Murthy thank you for the film and dinner.Infact Atkinson wanted to treat you but  you have treated me.
Murthy.It is a pleasure for us to entertain our friend.Hope you enjoyed the movie.
Ram.yes,fast movie with Beautiful Cinematography.Thank you and good night for both.
Prasanna. Thank you and same to you sir.
After that Ram reached his flat  saw  the  Times Now headlines  news and went to bed.
Next day morning as usual Ram reached his office.
(to be continued)
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