Friday, July 17, 2015


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 18July 15, (Article 412)

Tribute to Omar Sharif

The other day I was watching the news of the demise of the great actor, Omar Sharif, and was shocked. A few days back I was discussing Hollywood actors with my friend and Omar Sharif figured in our conversation. 

We were discussing his  remarkable movies. The Egyptian actor created a big impact in Hollywood movies particularly Doctor Zhivago, MacKenna’s Gold, Genghis Khan, wonderful Lawrence of Arabia and many more. 

He was a versatile, stylish actor whom I admired. 

His departure is a great loss to the film industry as well as the Egyptian people. 

Men may come and men may go but a few people will be remembered for ever.

Omar Sharif occupies pride of place in the pantheon of great actors for his memorable roles.

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