Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life is Beautiful 277.

Next day Morning Ram received a call from Vasanthy.
Good morning Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine Some how rather i am unable to meet you.
Ram.I know.I am also feeling the same.Tell me what  for you called me early morning.
Vasanthy.I want to discuss with you  of Kathambari's marriage.
Ram.Tell me,when i can  come for the discussions.
Vasanthy.Coming friday .You can bring Prasanna along with you.
Ram.Sure,what time
Vasanthy.You can come for lunch.
Ram.Certainly.Howis Kathambari.
Vasanthy.She is in the bath room.Take care.Eager to  see you
Ram.Bye,you too take care.
After that Ram was busy in the morning routine ready for Ali to go to office.
While going  he saw lot of decorations for the EID  Festival..
Ali,this year decorations are more comparing to last year
Ali.Yes sir,this year the decorations are more and government is going to do more charity on EID.
Ram.You are right.
By that time Ali reached the office.
Ram entered his cabin.Atkinson was calling
Good morning Ram,How are you.Today you are going to attend  the Eid party
Atkinson.I got the Invitation from Lintas Group.
Ram.Fine, Why do n'tyou
Atkinson.This year i want you should go.I will see you later.Bye now.
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